Wednesday, April 11, 2012

been a while, been busy....

well, yes, I've been busy for nearly 18 months?  slack...  so here I am.  I have discovered Pinterest.  look for me as writerpainter.  Work has been nutso and I have just completed a major project although I did only the prototypes and the rest of the work was done in china..  seems to be the way things are going now. 

I am just a little bit torn about what my work is.  At the moment I am doing a lot of decorative stuff.  Not exciting work, but great to get paid for painting.  I want to paint something interesting and important.  I have to admit there is still ambition there to do something important.  But then Matisse and Degas and Monet didn't know they were doing something important, they just painted what was in their heart, or was it more mercenary than that?  Was their art decorative?  Was it art that sold to the masses?  matched the drapes?

I have just seen this photo of Tracey Emin, painting nude.  I read some of her writing and I get her now.  I understand...  her art is so informed by her life and where she came it follows that my artwork is so conservative because that is me...white bread art made by a white bread artist....mmm, food for thought? 

Modigliani didn't worry about matching the drapes...neither did Vincent.  and they died penniless and destitute months before their work found it's market....

Are there only 2 paths to choose from?

next topic?....
I have been pondering the fact that what remains from past civilisations is their art, their architecture, sometimes their literature and stories...but always their ART! 
 Therefore, is there anything more important than being an artist?