Friday, October 1, 2010

I've been a complete goose!!

I can't quite believe I got so distracted from what I love about art. I travelled so far from the truth I almost couldn't find my way back. I was in the garage studio packing everything up because I need to paint the walls, and I thought, 'what if I never paint again' in a musing sort of way. It should have panicked me, made me feel sick, but it didn't. I was actually quite calm about that idea...

wrong, Christine, very, very wrong.

Where did I go wrong? I love my job - I get paid to paint! The income I earn there should free me up to paint waht I want at home...but I got to thinking that every painting I do at home has to sell, that every painting should preferably be sold before I start painting it. I swapped creativity for liquidity! passion for economy! my love for art was sold to the highest bidder! okay, enough with the drama!! So I have 2 paintings sitting on the easel that are sold, and just have to be finished off, varnished when the rain stops and hardware installed, and then I am free.

To quote my former teacher, Kevin Taylor, If every painting turns out the way you want it, then you are just not trying hard enough!

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