Friday, April 9, 2010

Ebay Sales


I have turned to my old friend Ebay to help me clear out the paintings that I picked up from Treasured Interiors that hadn't sold. I posted this one last night and I already have a bid, so that's exciting. It can be found at the address below.

I'm also posting an image of my new space. I will be throwing myself into this in 5 weeks as that's how long I have left at the Studio. I will have 12 months to really hook into it! John Squires got ready for his last show in 30 days! OMG! but then that's John Squires and I like hiw work, but I wonder how many people buy it for the celebrity factor? He'd be annoyed at that comment, but it's a fair comment, I think. On the easel is my latest boat. It is going well. It is very different from the last one and so much better. I am very happy with it, although now I look at the last one and I think it is so bad! How could I have thought it was so good? amazing!

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