Monday, October 5, 2009

A recent Oil on canvas done of the Currumbin Alley for my friends, Paul and Louisa. I have recently touched up the clouds but other than that this is the finished product.

below is some info on the Cite des Arts residency programme in Paris that I hope to be eligible for in a couple of years.

I am getting my passion back! I am dreaming about Paris every night (must be the books I am reading!) and my painting is going very well. Not only am I painting at work, but also painting at home. I am completing a few realist paintings (kombis etc) but I am about to embark on a new phase of landscapes and impressionist style work, keeping the super-real stuff for my boats. I am intending on entering the Brisbane Artists Academe scholarship show. I just have to get in and get stuff in shows...

My son is going very well with his cello, so I am sure when the time comes for me to head to Paris for my residency, he will be able to accompany me and attend some classes etc.

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