Thursday, August 27, 2009

yes, I am still here...

what a ride it has been! the last 2 months have been so busy but I have to admit, I have been remiss in not updating here. The new job is going very well and we are just about set to embark on our huge project - supplying the art work for numerous new resorts! It is so exciting! - it has affected my ability to focus on my own painting at home though but I just have to remain focussed on the prize - to spend a month in Paris in 2011, painting and writing and brushing up on my French! I am still selling my little realist paintings down at Treasured Interiors at Currumbin Beach on the esplanade - and Marnie is such a great ambassador for my work:)

1 comment:

  1. Hey this is great Christine. I went through your blog and am really enjoying it.

    Just started a blog myself. : >D

    Good to see your ambitions laid out here. Wishing you every success in the world with your art.

    Cheers! Your Red Bubble bud.