Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Breaking News - I have been given the opportunity to do a trial run for a Studio here on the Gold Coast that will 'apprentice' me if they are happy with the trial. It reminds me of times past when art stundents and wannabe artists would join the 'atelier' of an established artist and produce artwork 'In the School of'. Now many of these artists obviously passed into obscurity, but every well known artist during the renaissance and many of those that came after, right up to the Impressionists and probably beyond, came from an atelier. I have been looking for ways to learn more about art, but did not want to go to 'art school' yet, as like a lot of other painting mums, I feel I can't really give it my full focus until the Boy is a bit older. Anyway, wish me luck with the trial...I have been painting today and doing quite a good 'abstract landscape' I usually want to 'see' something figurative in the image.

My painting today has been to the stirring and uplifting strains of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata...exqusite music!

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